Trash & Recycling

Community Waste Disposal (CWD) Customer Service:

(972) 392-9300 (Option 2)


Trash Collection: Every Tuesday

Recycling Collection: Every other Tuesday

Follow the calendar to view your recycling schedule. Orange denotes Frisco Ranch recycle days and blue denotes Frisco Hills recycle days. 

Collection Times: 7 AM – 7 PM

*To esnure your trash is picked up, trash MUST be set out by 7 am on the day of service with no vehicles or objects obstructing trash trucks or handlers from quick disposal.

Holiday Schedule Changes

Trash/Recycle Service will shift one day (to Wednesday) following Christmas (2023) and New Years (2024).

Bulk Trash

  • Up to 2 Cubic Yards: Community Waste Disposal (CWD) will recover up to 2 cubic yards of bulk waste from your home on collection day (Tuesday’s).
  • If you have a large pick up, call CWD in advance to see if there are any additional service charges.

Community Waste Disposal (CWD)

  • Click here for Customer Service

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May 13th, 2023

FAQ’s – Community Waste Disposal

What changes in services will we see in 2023?

There will be no change in service. Service will continue to be Trash pickup every Tuesday and Recycle biweekly. Trash rates will also be increasing by $2.43 to $20.66 per month.

How much does Trash Services cost?

Trash costs $20.66 per month which  will be a part of the water bill. This includes weekly trash pick up and biweekly recycle. 

Extra bins costs $10.33 each and must be requested through Frisco West.

How will I receive my trash bill?

You will recieve your trash bill through your water bill which will be sent out by the 4th of every month and due on the 20th of every month. 

Lost or Broken Bin: How do I get a replacement?

New builds will recieve their bins when they submit all paperwork for water service. We can only replace existing bins if they are lost, damaged, or stolen. Please contact Inframark or Frisco West to request a new bin. There will be a $15 fee that will be attached to your next bill for processing and deliver.

Will there be an opportunity to renew agreements?

The contract with CWD expires on December 31st of 2024 which is when it will be up for renewal.

Where does trash go? Can I bring materials to the landfill?

Trash is taken to Camelot Landfill along 121 close to Castle Hills. If you are intersted in bringing material to the landfill you will need to contact Republic Waste and there will be a charge. 

Where do recycling materials go after collection?

Recycled materials are taken to the main CWD processing center in Dallas Texas.

Can I dispose of grease or fat with my trash?

Grease and fat must be contained to be taken with trash and not directly poured into bins. The best way to dispose of grease and fat is to pour it back into the container, wait for it to solidify and screw the top back on to dispose of.

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